Story of Fern


This is Fern. She is a little girl trying to beat the odds.

She’s already beaten the odds merely by being born and surviving her puppyhood — most white boxers born under breeding conditions are destroyed, as they are not breed standard. (In every respect except for their color they are 100% boxer!)

But she survived, and her tale (and her tail!) remains a mystery.

She ended up in a shelter, scared and alone. You see, she is deaf; the shelter was a house of horrors for her.

Being taken in by a rescue organization was Fern’s only chance from being euthanized. She was on the fast track, as she was ‘defective’.

Even within rescue organizations, she was a risk. As a female, she could not be adopted out to a house with another female dog. As a young dog, but past her puppyhood, she didn’t have as much ‘Awww’ factor for potential adoptive families. (She’s still pretty darn cute, though.) And, of course, she is deaf.

But being deaf “special needs” dog is not necessarily a bad thing. I have a deaf white boxer, Gus, who is so keen to his surroundings that you would never know he was deaf, except for the fact that he is able to snooze soundly on the floor with a vacuum whizzing by his head.

Otherwise, he is as smart and playful and mischievous as any ‘normal’ boxer. I’m beginning to learn the same about Fern. (Actually, I think she is smarter than Gus — she is a girl, after all.)

Fern had terrible separation anxiety when I first took her in as a foster dog. (Being a first time foster dog parent, I had some separation anxiety too!) Her first night she followed me everywhere, even into the shower, she was so scared. She wouldn’t even go to the backyard to do her business without me right beside her.

But she made good progress after realizing she would be safe, and not abandoned to a shelter again. Eventually she felt comfortable enough to explore the backyard on her own. She even took to the crate rather easily, considering.

And lest you think Fern is a shy flower, watch out. She has a sassy streak! Strong as an ox and runs figure eights in the backyard like a greyhound. But she is happiest taking a walk or jog, or just lounging around with her human nearby.

While there are still some goals to work toward for during her foster period, she is eager to be someone’s best girl!

Want to know more about helping out Fern? Browse her website at NorCal Boxer Rescue, and/or leave your questions below in the comments. And stay tuned for the next chapter of “Story of Fern”!




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One Response to “Story of Fern”

  1. Casey Says:

    I am trying to adopt fern right now and i accidentally found this site while i was researching deaf dogs and training technics. She is such a beautiful girl and her being deaf pulls my heart strings. :-). Thank you for posting her story…it’s nice to hear more about her

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